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Пирамида Майя

Moche culture North coast 100 – 800 AD Stirrup vessel in the form of a crested feline ceramic Ministerio de Cultura del Perú: Museo de Sitio de Chan Chan, Dos Cabezas Photograph: Daniel Giannoni

Pre-Columbian, Peru, ca. 1000 CE

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Xipe Totec Whistle Figure — Mexico 600 AD - 800 AD Fine Vera Cruz whistle figure of Xipe Totec, the Flayed God. Xipe Totec was among the most important of the Mesoamerican deities. Being the god of springtime his worship was crucial to the success of planting and crops, and consequently to the survival of those who depended upon it. As a result, increasingly elaborate and gruesome ceremonies were carried out in his honor

Hacha. Portrait of a decapitated ballplayer in classic El Tajin style.