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Magnificent Excess Gemma Ward by Mario Sorrenti, Vogue Italia September 2005

oh darling

one big room full of love and weed

Benefits of Castor Oil For Thickening and Regrowing Your Hair, Eyebrows And Eyelashes

Benefits of Castor Oil For Thickening and Regrowing Your Hair, Eyebrows And Eyelashes

These Disturbing Illustrations Expose The Sad Truth About Modern Society

It's not about being right or wrong ...understanding is what matters.

Do you have relationship problems with a Capricorn?

Understand how I feel about you. Understand how sorry I am. Understand what you mean to me. Understand that my heart will always be yours.

..it is in those arms that I feel at home.

Heather In your arms my dreams come true.in your arms I feel at ease.in your arms my world is calm.in your arms I feel home.in your arms is where I know I belong.

5 Potential Ways to Get Paid as a Family Caregiver

In Home Care for Elderly Parents: Private Caregiver vs. Home Care Agency

Crate Training A Puppy? Are you not sure if your dog is trustworthy while at home alone yet? Do you keep them in the kennel? If you don’t think that your dog is ready to be in the home alone, they probably are not. It is OK to put a dog in a kennel sometimes. Even though you may feel bad for leaving them in there, don’t feel bad. As long as they are getting what they need (food, water, exercise) while outside the kennel, they will be just fine. A lot of dogs learn to actually like it for…

Crate Training a Puppy: Well-Behaved Dog

An Kety Pet Supplies. Train Your Dog The Right Way With These Helpful Ideas. Some people shy away from training their own dog for fear that it will be too hard.

So disrespectful!

All my life, yo.

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i totally agree, i have short hair since i was 15 years old except for a brief yr timeframe in between. i just prefer short hair on myself!

Quote I gave to him in a letter (:

Nicholas Sparks Quote love quote true lovequote soul mate nicholas sparks and