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AKURUM High cab f oven+2 drawers/2 doors IKEA Built-in dampers make the doors close slowly, quietly and softly.

dear world, when a girl is quie, you already know that's dangerous. the things that constantly torture thsi girl keep repeating. and she has tried to please the people surrounding her; but now she's tired. give her a break. the ones around her make her feel ugly, like an idiot or never good enough. the people around her never appreciate the things she does for them. this girl is dying inside. she's tried physically, emotionally, and mentally. (cont)

Oh, but I CAN rap Guns and Ships! My greatest weakness for some reason is Right Hand Man... And I can't sing Its Quiet Uptown cuz I cry too hard to sing...

"We were slowly sinking, slipping into darkness. Murders became more frequent. Terrorist attacks were common occurrences. And now, as the assassinated President lies dying, and the panic has set in, we've finally realized. This is it. This is the end." -- Heather Lynn (please credit)

from Rchavakiah Melchiori

"chat noir"

“ I will softly pull away In this broken beautiful mess I’ve made And in the dead and quiet I will slowly fade In this masterpiece I made I’ll burn out and slip away And this just a part I portray You’re beautiful, can I hide in you and stay...

Silence is gives you time to look at the beautiful person standing in front of you.

Meditation can help open your mind and find peace by quieting the "chatter" in your mind. #meditation #yoga #yogainspiration

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from BuzzFeed

Eerie Images From Japan's Suicide Forest

I love the eeriness of this, I liked the idea of people slowly one by one emerging from the mist although probably totally unrealistic as relying on the weather would be impractical, but I liked the idea.