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Love this tiny house - and it's just large enough for financing! and no loft! Yippee!

Plans Tiny Country House plan 66032 is still large enough for traditional financing (financing houses under 400 sq ft is tricky), but definitely considered a small house plan. No loft/second floor and a second BR make this one of my faves

Tiny house on wheels...192 sq ft with 2 loft bedrooms.

I really like the exterior design of this Tiny House on Wheels. It would allow for sleeping lofts on each end and the kind of back porch I envision. The back porch extension could provided needed space to stow outdoor items during transit.

Do you want a mobile home that can go with you for your trip? A tiny house can help you achieve this dream. Look at the picture, it is a 170 square feet tiny house of two layers we present to you. Although it is small, living facilities are very complete, such as the living […]

Tiny Craftsman Bungalow on Wheels

I'm so excited to share this x craftsman style bungalow tiny house on wheels by Molecule Tiny Homes. Anytime they build something new for their clients I'm thrilled because they always see. **add stairs to biggest loft, sink to bathroom and be perfect!

I was just wondering... how much living space do most people need? If you're on this site I have to assume you've considered living, working, owning, renting, visiting, or vacationing in a tiny hou...

Gives a good idea of tiny house lengths & square footage for trailers, with basic layout elements in relation to a traditional parking space. Overly simplified but gets the point across really well. I'm in the D myself.

This is a great plan and something we could still keep on property.

I Adore this floor plan! I really want to live in a small open floor plan cabin! maybe with a bit more room than this one.id like two bedroom with loft. I just need a washer/dryer space

tiny house by Elaine Boyle

Sebastarosa plans 750 sq ft by Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. Move master closet to other side and extend bathroom, smaller room bigger closet/bath

tiny house floor plans | Small Cabin Floor Plans Features Of Small Cabin Floor Plans – Home ...

Features Of Small Cabin Floor Plans: Small Cabin Floor Plans I love this however I would want to add a mud/pantry/laundry room off the kitchen somehow. That is something that most small homes plans I have seen are missing that I would want.

What a lovely way to use a small amount of space and give one a home. This may be the answer to Detroit's issues: communities of small, perfectly built and proportioned houses. Big return for a small investment!

san-francisco-tiny-houses by Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. Would be great to get your Friends to retire together in little houses.