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13 Reasons Thor Should Be President

Because he’d wish all mortals a “GAY AND JOVIAL MARRIAGE”. | 13 Reasons Thor Should Be President

Thor - Norse God of Thunder, son of Odin

Loki fights like his mum. (Also, yay! I share a headcanon with them! Does that make it canon, then?)

Me every time>>> woah woah woah. IS THAT LINCON??

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Thor Odinson

"Thor Odinson" by favourite-fictional-fashions on Polyvore

Present: another modern day display of Yggdrasil the world tree (Steve Prellwitz, 2012)

Loki and Frigga --- you cannot doubt that Loki loved Frigga, and that she loved him. Loki learned all his tricks from her. She spent time with him. Unlike Odin, Frigga didn't care about blood. Loki was just as much her son as Thor was.

Too freakin' cute! Odin with baby Loki and Thor. I love this. I hate all the ones showing Odin being a crappy father to Loki because he loves him just as much as Thor. There wasn't a favorite. He's the All Father.

Thor Deleted Scene- Loki: Hello, Father. Laufey: Ah, the bastard son. I thought Odin had killed you. That's what I would have done. He's as weak as you are. Loki: No longer weak. I now rule Asgard, until Odin awakens. Perhaps you should not have so carelessly abandoned me. Laufey: Or perhaps it was the wisest choice I've ever made. <--- Holy CRAP WHY WAS THIS NOT IN THE MOVIE!