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BlogZoom: Arquivo Secreto (da Felicidade)

from Little Free Library

The Midnight Sparkle

Cedar Sunrise Library - Little Free Library

interiorstyledesign: The largest and most ornate of the six libraries at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, England. It is the largest private library in England with almost 27,000 books collected during several centuries. (via English Country House Libraries, page 5)

Stereoscopic camera in the hands of a well to do enthusiast at the beginning of the 20th century.

I love seeing the huge changes from then and now. And I agree, though the vast majority of our pharmaceutical agents are plant derivatives, synthetic and biological products are rapidly gaining ground on the world of botanical medicine. It is not a surprise that most physicians in times past were botanists. In fact one of my undergrad majors was botany...

I just love old books! The smell, the feel, the innocence of the past and a time so different from now.

Alex Kingston-'River Song/Melody Pond'. She first encountered No 10 as 'Professor Song'. Though he didn't recognize her, she kept hinting there is/are regeneration(s) where she knows him. No 11 turns out to be her Doctor. He knows her as 'Dr River Song'. His future is her past. She is 'Melody Pond', daughter of 'Amy Pond'/ 'Rory Williams', conceived in the TARDIS which is why she is called the Child of the TARDIS. She was taken at birth and trained to be the one to kill The Doctor.

My grandmother's library. It was a little room with warm light filtering through the window with a seat. It smelled full of musty books from the floor to the ceiling. I loved to escape there as a little girl. She was the one who instilled in me the love of books, reading and would tell me stories of her childhood that a dearly cherish. Connecting lives of the past to future a link not to be broken for eternity.