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Consumers assured that electricity supplies for this winter will remain unaffected by closure of most of Fiddler’s Ferry near Manchester

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Arbitrary focus on hurricane wind speed has birthed a new climate myth

John Abraham: Claims of a ‘hurricane drought’ are based on an arbitrary focus on wind speed while ignoring storm pressure, power, and damage

Norwegian psychologist Per Espen Stoknes has studied why so many people have remained unconcerned about climate change. In a Yale Environment 360 interview with Bill Moyers, he talks about the psychological barriers to public action on climate and how to overcome them.

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Climate compensation schemes 'failing to reach poorest'

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CLIMATE GOALS GAP. A portion of a graphic in a United Nations Environment Program report shows the gap between commitments for cuts in greenhouse gas emissions filed with the United Nations by the world's nations (the orange band) and a track (blue) deemed safe. The gray area reflects projections with no policy. Yellow is existing policies.

Our MDG Monday series continues with a look at Millennium Development Goal 7. MDG 7 focuses on ensuring environmental sustainability because a healthy environment is essential for healthy communities.

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Patrick M on

Teddy Roosevelt on the influence of corporate money in politics. Much of the destruction of the environment and global atmosphere is a function of corporate profiteering driven by government influence and subsidies.

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We could put utility-scale solar plants in our cities

We could put utility-scale solar plants in our cities | Grist

The Dalai Lama Endorses Pope Francis’ Climate Change Encyclical | Alternet