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Le Male Terrible - Jean Paul Gaultier. Bought it in Puerto Rico. Trying something new ;)

Apache Spirit Dancers. Photographed 1887.

Texture: Complimentary - The woman is covered in glimmering jewelry. It fits well with her smooth, shiny skin.

Deer Woman: in Native American mythology, “Deer Woman” (also known as “Deer Lady”), is a deer spirit of the eastern Woodlands and Central Plains Tribes, associated with fertility and love. She is a shape-shifter and appears at various times as an old woman, beautiful young woman or a deer. Deer woman is sometimes in both animal and human form, with a human female upper body and the lower body of a deer. Although she is usually considered to be a kind and helpful spirit, in some stories, Deer…

Into The Fire, photography by Jan Scholz. marie-anne. nikonos. under water film. In People, Nude, Female. Into The Fire, photography by Jan Scholz. Image #266036