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Ed showed up at the Seattle Pet Expo today and was so excited to see all the people, dogs and activity! He had no idea he was meeting his new people and headed off to a new life in eastern Washington! He'll have lots of time to spend with his new people and lots of little humans visiting to keep him company as well.congratulations and thank you for adopting Rick & Janine!

Turk found his forever home today with Heather James. Despite bad weather, Heather and her mom drove over the mountains from Vancouver, WA to Bend, OR because they couldn't wait to meet him. Turk took to them instantly and was passing out tons of boxer kisses and was ready to jump in their car and head home. After living as an outdoor dog, Turk is going to love his new life being spoiled and living indoors. Thank you so much Heather for giving this sweet boy a forever home!

Mia has an announcement! She decided on her new family. She went to get new furever home with Laura Powell and her family. She will have 2 new fur brothers and human sister and a wonderful mom and dad to keep her safe and spoiled. Congratulations Mia. Thank you Tara Brown and family for giving her a wonderful start to her new life as a kept woman.

Gemma has taken a big step into her new life with a new family! She'll have 3 little kids, 2 parents, a min-pin fur brother and an active life. Thank you so much for adopting Warmouth family!

Jetta is now a Madison! She took to the family right away and gave the little boy some sweet kisses. She has a fur brother Dozer that she can chase in the yard and a human boy Rogan that she can snuggle with. After a walk and a few boxing moves we knew it was meant to be. Have a great new life Jetta you so deserve it. Thank you so much Madison family for rescuing this sweet girl and adding her to your great family.

Puppy 2 now Leroy found his forever on Saturday when most of the Huyser family drove from Seattle to Portland to meet this special guy. It was love at first sight. He will have 3 human sisters a fur sister and mom and dad to spoil him rotten. Thank You Huyser for adopting and welcome to the NWBR family.

What better way to celebrate Senior Pet Adoption Month then to have one of our very own seniors get adopted?! Copper, now named Cooper is super happy to have found his forever home with the Wolff family. He will have 2 acres to run/play on when not napping and snuggled by the fireplace. Cooper will have 2 wonderful parents, a fur sibling JoJo and 2 cats to keep him company. The Wolff's are excited to show him they will always be his forever people. Thank you for adopting!

All the homes for the puppies have been selected - Here is Number 7 of 9. Nif, now named Remi, found his forever family with Shelly, Justin, & their two kids Jamison & Stella. Remi was so happy to get a family he could call his own as an early Christmas present! He is looking forward to his new life in Coeur d’Alene with his new best friends who will help him burn off some of that never ending puppy energy. You're going to have a happy & amazing life Remi. Thank you for adopting Jones…

For 10 months people would say Oh how old is you boxer and I'd have to hang my head in shame and say I don't have one yet. Well today that changed for the Moore household and Missy. Missy became an official member of the Moore's joining Sage the beagle and Frank the 17 year old cat. Many of you will remember Missy. the craiglist's 8.5yr old boxer who spent the last 5 years on a chain outside. We are very excited to be an official boxer owners. Yeah for me!!!

Today Gavin began a new chapter in his life & became part of the Greenhalgh family. You see Gavin looks just like his new Daddy's first boxer and immediately they fell in love with him. Gavin is a true gentleman and was sweet as can be with his new fur sister Gracie. Gavin also along with having his Mom and Dad, now has a brother who will be a great pal for him and a cat! Thank you Greenhalgh's for your loving kindness toward Gavin, and for choosing to rescue. Welcome to your new life…