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Online Display Advertising for Travel and Outdoor Brands -- SiteScout: real-time bidding auction for display ads, for small buyers. Great targeting, retargeting, analytics. BUT: CPM only?--

The "travel purchase cycle," 5-stage Google version. Also, some stats: The travel industry has changed. Just look at the numbers: 85% of travel research is carried out via search engines, 49% is done via online hotel reviews, and 62% is done via online travel reviews and comments.

Pando: What startups can learn from porn sites about advertising -- yeah, it could be a publicity stunt, but dismissing it as such ignores why the contest works. Pornhub isn't so much looking for a national ad campaign because it's already begun: this is the ad campaign.

FREE or cheap DIY graphics: paper map + scrabble tiles + your smartphone camera app = your message, ready to post online!

TripAdvisor's recently launched hotel metasearch product allows independent hotels and B to participate en masse on a cost-per-click basis. With big hotel chains and online travel agencies dominating the hotel metasearch real estate on sites such as Kayak, TripAdvisor’s latest move can be seen as a clever way to give travelers more choice — and to fatten TripAdvisor’s revenue by opening up the metasearch flood gates to lesser-known properties.

"Twitter Lead Gen" and "Twitter Website Cards." These new ad formats give direct marketers two legitimate avenues for introducing Twitter to a performance-based campaign. With Website Cards, advertisers can create a much more compelling tweet, using an image and headline to attract users off of Twitter and on to their website.

from a new story at How hotel marketers can shift bookings from OTAs to the hotel website. The story states that, on average, 42% of all bookings made at independent hotels are transacted online. Of those purchases, 24% are direct. A whopping 76% are made through OTAs, which charge fees upwards of 25%. In the old days before the internet, the standard commission for travel agents was 10%.

Using Adventure Travel Personas to Strengthen Your Marketing -- Adventure Grazers and Adventurers might be a good target for short and low-cost domestic offerings. Adventure Enthusiasts have the time, the money and the will to explore the world. Enthusiasts are the true early adopters. Identify Enthusiasts in your customer base and target them for new itineraries.

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