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Kindergarten - Needs and Characters of Living Things Grade 1 - Needs and Characteristics of Living Things, Using Objects and Materials, Daily and Seasonal Changes Grade 3 - Plant Growth and Changes Grade 4 - Habitat and Communities

Classification and Legos

Classification and Legos - wonderful post on using Legos to explore classification of living organisms, including making your own creations and classifying them accordingly.

This is an ecological pyramid. It has six parts that make up ecology. Many schools teach this because the 6 parts are important to know.

Characteristics of Life, Microscopes, Cells Google Forms Warm Up orExit Tickets

This includes a pack of eighteen Google Forms, which can be used as warm-ups, tickets out, review stations, or formative assessment. These forms focus on the following topics; -Microscope use -Characteristics of Living Things -Cell organelle basics (differences between plant and animal cells) -6 Kingdoms -Classification of Living Things