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Growing Artichokes: How To Grow Artichokes In The Home Garden

It’s best to grow artichoke plants where the summers are cool and mild and where temperatures never fall below 25 degrees F., like coastal California where growing artichokes is a commercial enterprise; but if your garden doesn’t fit the profile, don’t despair.

Sun Chokes - Sun Chokes – Also known as Jerusalem Artichokes, be careful where you plants these because they do spread quickly. This is a tall plant with a sunflower-like flower and edible tubers that also have some medicinal properties. - See more at:

May not look like much now. But in a few weeks, this small sunny spot will have hanging tomatoes and peppers, artichokes, cucumbers and zucchini, and red potatoes in all their glory! Everything here was made from recycled planters and items laying around my garden center. Burlap bags I got for a buck at a army surplus store. Upside down planters made from reused plant buckets covered with burlap. Used an old pair of jeans to cover artichoke bucket and potatoes planted in burlap bags. Zucks…