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Baby paper Dolls by Saalfield, #1338.* The International Paper Doll Society by Arielle Gabriel for all paper doll and paper toy lovers. Mattel, DIsney, Betsy McCall, etc. Join me at ArtrA, #QuanYin5 Linked In QuanYin5 YouTube QuanYin5

BABYfree paper dolls The International Paper Doll Society from Arielle Gabriel

How dumb were vintage ad creators?!? that's just wrong! Wonder how many infants' deaths were caused by these ads+ Young or Dumb Parents.. Here's Another of countless, Baby in Cellphone ADs from Du Pont Cellophane,1950's. by v.valenti:

Du Pont Cellophane, Now let's put our babies in plastic bags. (Yes, I know it's cellophane.don't get technical with me)

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Paper Dolls, Queen Holden, Baby Brother, Dolls, Vintage, 1920s,1 doll, 24 outfits, 9" tall

Paper Dolls Queen Holden Baby Brother Dolls by vintagedottirose

Paper Dolls~Schoolgirl Doll - Bonnie Jones - Picasa Web Albums

1 Paper Dolls~Schoolgirl Doll - Bonnie Jones - Picasa Webalbum* 1500 free paper dolls at Arielle Gabriels International Paper Doll Society and free China and Japan paper dolls at The China Adventures of Arielle Gabriel *