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Multiplication Mastery Madness!

Here's a nice anchor chart on different multiplication strategies.

Free! 3 Posters that give examples of three multi-digit multiplication strategies, including the traditional algorithm, partial products, and lattice


Multiplication Mastery Madness!

Multi-Digit Multiplication Anchor Chart


Spooky Lattice Multiplication

Worksheets: Spooky Lattice Multiplication

We finally began 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication this week! The kids are absolutely loving the matrix box we use to introduce 2x2 multiplication!! They love it because it's super easy. I love it because it shows them the place value involved in 2x2 multiplication. They can actually see the process of multiplying the ones and tens of one number by the ones and tens of the second number.

Lattice Multiplication Method - A simple way to solve multi-digit multiplication problems.

Meet Miss Parker: SPRING SALE & Common Core Math! 3D Shapes FUN!

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Lattice Math Graphic Organizers {printable}

Lattice Math Graphic Organizers {printable} I really don't care what the TEKS turn into (i.e. "standard algorithm"), I will ALWAYS love the Lattice Method!

Altered the language in the lattice chart I pinned to help my kids. They were specifically struggling with what multiplication problem fits in each box.