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One or two of these I actually like. Now I need my nerd girl buddies to wear these with me. Dibs on the Hulk!!

Chris Evans has worn over half dozens of suits in five outings as an American soldier and crime fighter. In his debuted appearance in Captain America in First Avengers, he wore three different uniforms including classic NSO uniform, brown motor biker jacket with War pants, and the lastly a Howard stark costume made with the combination of his traditional and modern comics look. Captain America Avengers Costume resembled his NSO uniform, whereas the mask was similar to Marvel’s Earth 616…

Avengers: Age of Ultron: Scarlet Witch Costume Details Revealed -- Elizabeth Olsen says the costume is modern and rooted. But don't expect to see any set photos, as the actress will be wearing a secrecy cloak -- http://wtch.it/QAxPV

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