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Men's Strength Mala Bracelet - Sardonyx, Banded Onyx, & Om Mala Bracelet - Yoga, Buddhist, Meditation, Prayer beads, Jewelry

mens sardonyx strength mala bracelet, made with high quality sardonyx and gold or silver om charm. sardonyx is a beautiful stone made of banded onyx, and is a stone of protection and strength. it stimulates our driving for, as well as our understanding of, a meaningful existence. this stone encourages stability, self-confidence, attracts friends and has been used to help lift depression. it is believed to help generate a more positive attitude, bring happiness to marriage and to “live-in”…

Saint Mary Magdalene--Material: Sardonyx Shell, 18K gold tested . Size: 2 1/2” by 2” only cameo is 2 1/8” by 1 6/8”. Date and Origin: Ca 1850, Italy, frame is English. Conditions: A very few slight and short natural shell lines not visible from the front or the back, barely visible when cameo is backlit, mentioned for accuracy otherwise mint.

GOLD, HARDSTONE CAMEO, COLORED STONE, ENAMEL AND SEED PEARL BRACELET. Centered by an oval-shaped sardonyx cameo featuring the bust of a maiden, framed within black and white enamel with black and blue flourishes, further enhanced by 12 cushion-cut rubies, four emerald-cut emeralds and seven seed pearls, length 7¼ inches, mid-19th Century.