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Using Your Phone as an Alarm? Here's Why You Should Stop

For the last three years, I've been using my smartphone as an alarm. It seemed innocuous enough, until I came upon an alarm clock that I found quite cool and decided to try using it instead of my mobile. The results were surprising.

Everything You Need to Know About Windows 10

Microsoft released its latest version of Windows this week, and we dove in headfirst. If you missed any of the news, here’s a roundup of everything you need to know, from us and our friends at Gizmodo.

An FBI Agent Reveals 5 Steps To Gaining Anyone's Trust

An FBI Agent Reveals 5 Steps To Gaining Anyone's Trust | 1) Learn… about their priorities, goals, and objectives. 2) Place… theirs ahead of yours. 3) Allow them to talk…. suspend your own need to talk. 4) Seek their thoughts and opinions. 5) Ego suspension!!! Validate them unconditionally and non-judgmentally for who they are as a human being. *20/01/14) || Leadership > Trust

Elite Cuisine 13 Countertop Indoor Griddle EGL-3450GD - Black - 4MMX12207

5 Adult Coloring Book Apps That Put Artistic Stress Reduction At Your Fingertips

Morning Chore Lists You Can't Live Without

Morning Chorelists You Can't Live Without for children | Real Simple

Netflix unveiled a prototype and how-to instructions to build your own 'Switch' to dim lights, order food, silence phone and start Netflix with the press of one button. Another guy hacked an Amazon Dash button, so he can order pizza with just one button push.

They forgot the most important thing. Trust in the Lord your God with all your heart! Only he can fill you completely with JOY!

Three Tasks You Should Do Every Day to Stay Happy and Productive

How important is productivity in your life? Do you waste your time on trivial tasks, or focus on the big ones that make the most impact? Here's what to do.