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Which Percy Jackson character are you?

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Percy wins the best boyfriend award for the 193726391381619481030173010284710 time in a row. *slow clap for Percy*

Too much sadness.... Those poor scarred 7-9 year olds, imagine "Little Suzie you ok?" "No!!! Percy and Annabeth fell into Tartarus!!! They will DIE!!!" "Ok then..."

Oxford Womens Camp Half-Blood Deluxe Soft Hoodie [Percy Jackson]

I can kinda imagine Annabeth being the perfff fan girl like shell watch a movie on a book and get mad about the shoes the actor/actress wears

kaiayame: Book II: The Sea of Monsters, Ch. 12 /... | Death Boy + Sun Baby = Love

This is such a perfect Percy and Annabeth from the early books. He so doesn't understand her yet.

I just stared at the book for ten seconds, looked at ricks name, and said , " why must you be like this"