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The original Bazooka Bubble Gum came complete with a Bazooka Joe comic inside!

quotes from popeye the sailor man | Popeye the sailor man,

Popeye the Sailor Man.Ha, i use to love this cartoon.always wanted to have spinach 'cause Popeye made it look so good! but when it was on the menu.

~The Six Million Dollar Man~  TV series....gotta be worth 1.2 billion dollars in todays economy! :)

The original: The first bionic man, as seen in the television show 'The Six Million Dollar Man': Lee Majors

REMEMBER THIS?! I'm so sad they don't make it anymore... :( I vaguely even remember them. #childhoodnostalgia

35 Things You Will Never See Again In Your Life. Made me sad to see them all! I loved the bubble jug lol

70s Bottle Cap wrapper.  I love this candy.

Walking to the corner store for Bottle Caps.Bottle Caps are tart tablet candies made to look like metal soda bottle caps in grape, cola, orange, root beer, and cherry flavors. They are sold by Nestlé under their Willy Wonka Candy Company brand.

The Partridge Family - Who didn't have a crush on David Cassidy?!

The Partridge Family-David Cassidy, Shirley Jones and Susan Dey.

Fred Rodgers, will you be my neighbor?

Mr Rogers, part of my childhood! It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor. Won't you be mine?



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Cracker Jack - Childhood Memories

Cracker Jack is an old time favorite nostalgic candy. A yummy treat of caramel coated popcorn and peanuts complete with a prize in every box. Cracker Jack has been a favorite treat for over 100 years and is still as good today as way back when.