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Ocean Blue Lighthouse Lantern

Indoors or out, the ocean-blue glass and white metal of this lighthouse lantern is a cheerful coastal accent for your home. Place a candle inside warm radiance.

Lookout Lighthouse Candle Lantern

Brighten your evening with a cheery seaside glow; just add a votive inside this miniature lighthouse and enjoy the ambiance! Candle not included. Iron & glass.

Lighthouse Bird House

Lighthouse Bird House – Baubles-N-Bling

Alligator Glass Salt & Pepper Shakers

Lighthouse Night Light

A night time trek down the hall need never be lonely with this spirited collection of sporting and big game night lights. Coldcast and realistically hand-painted to look opaque and lifelike by day; tr

20 Creative Nautical Home Decorating Ideas

toothbrush holder...beachy bathroom?? could use my green and yellow toothbrush holder and soap dispenser and just glue stuff onto them to cover up the colors