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Steve just looked at me when this happened and was like, "that's you."

I love ridding and listening to the music up loud and it's just me pretending like nothing else in the world matters!!!

Don't think about how she wants to be pranked just once more by Fred, wants eager Colin back for just one more class, one more day with the Marauders in detention, one more time seeing flaming pink hair in the back of the class. Just one more time. But she won't get it and that's why I want to cry.

JERMAINE - A1099881 - - Brooklyn TO BE DESTROYED 01/15/17: ****PUBLICLY ADOPTABLE**** A volunteer writes: Is it shallow of me to say that I fell in love with Jermaine based on just his looks? It is hard not to swoon over his youthful glow, his muscular body, sweet puppy face and bushy tail that anchors his tall legs! He is STUNNING!! His paws might be a little too big for his body, though, giving him a puppy-like gait that’s quite laughable. And he truly is ALL puppy

"I just want to make beautiful things even if nobody cares."

I think that I will still be like this in a few years. I literally sit on my computer all day.

“Who was on your mind, Chella?” Smith asks, still smirking down at me. I let out a long breath. “You,” I say. “You were. That’s it. Just you.” His smirk falls into a smile and then he leans down and kisses me again. Short, sweet, and filled with promises. “That’s all I wanted to hear, Miss Walcott. I’m all for the self-delusional lies, Chella. But it’s nice to get the truth every now and then.” Taking Turns is on sale now! AMAZON: iTUNES: KOBO…

Worries. Sometimes I just feel like nothing is going right and that everything is falling apart… I feel I’m a hack and a fake and people who’ve been trusting me have been making a big mistake… . but then she just squeezes my shoulder and tell me it’s...

Communicating -You’re beautiful. - No I’m not.. I’m fat and plain. -..oh yeah.. you’re right! -HEY!! -What? I’m just agreeing with you. - You’re not suppose to agree with me! -…. Why do you say it then? -So you can tell me I’m being silly and that...