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Tibetan Terrier / Tsang Apso / Dokhi Apso - If ever I decide to have more pets, how cute is this doggy?

In memory of my wonderful dog, Toby who recently passed away. Toby looked almost like this but with short hair

Little Henry. Tibetan Terrier. More Small Apartment, Apartments Tibetan Terriers, Terriers Dogs, Tibetan Puppys, Minis, Tibetan Terriers Puppys, Friends Henry, Animal, Golden Doodles Tibetan puppy!!! THE best!!! Tibetan Terrier. Giving the mini golden doodle a run for its money on my puppy want list. Tibetan Terrier dog Buffys good friend Henry. #spsbuffy Top 5 Dogs That Are Ideal For Small Apartments *tibetan terrier Tibetan Terrier puppy Check more at…