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Here we have great example of what is a Ristretto... So what is a Ristretto for those who don't yet already know ? Is it a special shot of coffee.. You may ask? Well yes and no. A ristretto shot is the sweet part of the coffee, its where mostly solubles and oils are exstracted out before being diluted whith espresso, Meaning Its naturally more sweeter and taste less bitter Next time u order your coffee at any good coffee shop you can ask for a DBL Ristretto Fw, & be blown away

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This Blog is dedicated to all of those "OMG How Gorgeous" moments that the Winter Season and its Holidays bring us. Most of the images are reblogged from other beautiful blogs- (thank kyou all for sharing those beauties), form Pinarest and also from my...

Pinner said" One of my alltime favorite treats in life! Not many things better than this and a quite time of focused productivity in a coffee shop community with interesting music. :)