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List of Sweepstakes and Contests to Win On Facebook

Indulging in sex games is a great way to break bedroom boredom and spice things up. It also strengthens the bond you two share and expands your sexual repertoire. And of course, a little fun together makes for great memories, don't you think? Here are 15 naughty sex games you should play with your partner to add a new meaning to fun between the sheets. ;)Image courtesy:©Thinkstock photos/ Getty images

Just because your deceased loved ones can't be with you on your wedding day, doesn't mean they can't be remembered. Here are 10 ways to include those who have passed away in your celebrations. Read more ›

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Why I Kept My Maiden Name

Why I Kept My Maiden Name. My only goal is to share the idea that changing your name after marriage should be a thoughtful decision.No matter what your choice, always remember this. Keeping your last name does not make you an unfaithful wife. Keeping your last name does not mean you are a radical woman. Women: you have a CHOICE. You have a BRAIN. You have an IDENTITY. Women, you MATTER. (Men, you do too.)

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The Meaning Behind Colors In Your Wedding Bouquet

Wedding bouquets are beautiful creations. Make sure your bouquet reflects your personalty. Find out what colours mean in your wedding bouquet, and make it extra special.


How to Make a Wedding Website

This cheat sheet is all you need to create and share a killer The Knot wedding website.