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Got PCOS? The Promising New Treatment You Haven't Heard of Yet

Already in use overseas, in-vitro maturation is the latest fertility treatment to spark interest in the States.

Doctor Who TARDIS Talking Cookie Jar

Strašiak cholesterol medzi nami, Najvýživnejší blog v SR, Tina a Vlado Zlatoš

#vegan. My cholesterol used to be 256 within 4 months of going vegan (FOR THE ANIMALS) my cholesterol was 170. Oh and I lost 40 + lbs.

A few random facts that will knock you on your a## (48 Photos)

For the Last Time: Are Eggs Healthy or What?

Eggs have had a funny place in nutrition history, maligned for years due to the cholesterol content of their yolks, but have also been a part of many vegetarian diets. Here's what science says about egg nutrition.

12 Funniest Food “Fatalities”

there is no direct connection between the amount of cholesterol you eat and the concentration of cholesterol in your blood. In most people, eating cholesterol has little or no effect on this amount. In about 30 percent of the population, eating cholesterol does in fact increase the concentration of cholesterol in the blood — but it increases the "good" cholesterol.