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ITER worksite - Aerial view September 2015 © | por Fusion for Energy

ITER site - Aerial View - March 2013 © / ITER Organization

steelTrap_high by EMSL on Flickr.A través de Flickr: Scientists using various analysis tools at EMSL to examine and quantify complex nanoclusters within oxide dispersion strengthened steels have a new view of how these metal materials display resistance and stability under a range of irradiation conditions. Learn more:

British Airways 283 by RtCmdr on Flickr.A través de Flickr: BAW 283 overhead on its way from London LHR to Los Angeles LAX. I photographed the same aircraft - G-BYGB - on the same route a little over a year ago. At least this time it’s in focus. If you view it full-size you can see a little bit of colour from the tail logo LHR to LAX must be one really long haul. …gives me time to edit and upload the photo before the plane lands in LAX. :-)

Mishka Henner's aerial photos of oil fields show how drilling, including fracking, is impacting the landscape in Texas, Utah and California. Oil and gas drilling

Space-brain networking by europeanspaceagency on Flickr.A través de Flickr: An advanced MRI scan of a human brain showing neural networks. Humans are adaptable beings. Wear glasses continuously that turn your view of the world upside-down and inside two weeks your brain will have adapted – everything will seem normal again. Researchers suspect that astronauts’ brains adapt to living in weightlessness by using previously untapped links between neurons. As the astronauts learn to float around…

An aerial view shows the Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s (TEPCO) tsunami-crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant and its contaminated wate...