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The Take-Out Take-Down Final Four - 0000000March Madness continues in to the semifinal round of the Take-Out Take-Down. #MarchMadness #FinalFour Which food will reign supreme? Chinese food? Pizza? Hamburgers? Sandwiches and Subs?? YOU tell us! 0000000 -

The Take-Out Take-Down FINALS - 0000000The Take-Out Take-Down Finals. Truly #MarchMadness! You are HUNGRY. You have ONE call to make. Are you going to call for Pizza? Or, are you going to call for Chinese food? 0000000 -

I Love Chinese Food

Traditional Chinese Food is Best - 0000000Jews love Tradition. Jews love Chinese food. Traditional Chinese food? Now we are talking! This is what The Chinese Quest lives for. Let us take you along with us on this journey… 0000000 -

What is Your Chinese Food IQ? - Everyone loves Chinese food. But, are you a walking encyclopedia of Chinese food? Can you at least hold an intelligent conversation about Chinese Food? Can you at least hold a pair of chopsticks? Let’s find out! -

Norman ConQuest: "Hunan Taste", Greenvale, NY - 0000000The Chinese Quest’s dear friend, Norman, recently followed one of our Chinese restaurant reviews and went to Hunan Taste in Greenvale, NY. Here is their take… 0000000 -

Pairing Wines With Chinese Food - Oh how we love our Chinese food! And until recently, Chinese food was the end all and be all. But now, our palates have expanded (as have our bellies… ok, mine. Perhaps not so much the other Mee’s), and we’ve learned about the great Ancient Chinese invention of alcohol, and ... -

What Power is in Your Chinese Tea Bag? - Have you ever given Chinese tea a second thought when you are served it in Chinese restaurants? Read this article, and perhaps you will enjoy your Chinese food even more now! -

Like Mama Used to Make! - We Want Just Like Mama Used to Make! We, the members of this Chinese Quest, as soon as we sit down in a restaurant, go out of our way to explain our food wishes to our humble waitstaff as soon as we are asked for our dinner order. We explicitly explain in our own way “we would like you to... -