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Niall with a directioner....where in the world did that camo come from<<< haven't you seen the pics of yr old Niall in that army costume?<< Awwww I love the Niall in camo, he looked so cute! But he's a whole other kind of cute in this picture 😍😍

Look, it's Harvey turdy-seven years ago :) << CRYIN<<<<<<<< and the tears stream down my face<<<<< but I can feel you crying...

There is nothing cuter than Niall with a little fan. He doesn't look interested with older fans, but he always looks excited with the young ones! <<<<<< I'm distracted by the guy lookin over Niall's shoulder in the background. Like is that Zane or ....

What do u see in him? His eyes r sssooo cute, his voice OMG best singer!!!, and his heart best person on all the planets!! but I'm pretty sure that everyone knows that!!

He is so beautiful. I remember feeling so protective over him when he was just a cutie and now he is all grown up and hot. I never meant to fall in love with the one i wanted to protect but I am not resisting

"I'm giving you to the count of three to get your ass back up." He growls "And if I ever see you touching her again, you're dead." UGH WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF?!

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