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Niall Horan,3

Look, it's Harvey turdy-seven years ago :) << CRYIN<<<<<<<< and the tears stream down my face<<<<< but I can feel you crying...

Niall with a directioner....where in the world did that camo come from<<< haven't you seen the pics of yr old Niall in that army costume?<< Awwww I love the Niall in camo, he looked so cute! But he's a whole other kind of cute in this picture 😍😍

What do u see in him? His eyes r sssooo cute, his voice OMG best singer!!!, and his heart best person on all the planets!! but I'm pretty sure that everyone knows that!!

DIRECTIONER FLAG!!! REPIN AND SIGN YOU'RE NAME IF YOUR PROUD TO BE A DIRECTIONER! Cassie Regan>>>>>>Calista Brownstein>>Abbie>>>>Jessica>>>Alix>>>Dani>>Cassie>>>Bailey>>>>>Tilly>>>>>Cameron>>>Kasey----Ashleigh>>>Angelina>>> Vanessa>>>Meghan>>> ♡Jillian >>

There is nothing cuter than Niall with a little fan. He doesn't look interested with older fans, but he always looks excited with the young ones! <<<<<< I'm distracted by the guy lookin over Niall's shoulder in the background. Like is that Zane or ....

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