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"Climate Change Slowdown Is Due to Warming of Deep Oceans, Say Scientists" ( Temperatures around the world have been broadly static over the past five years, though they were still significantly above historic norms, and the years from 2000 to 2012 comprise most of the 14 hottest years ever recorded. The scientists said the evidence still clearly pointed to a continuation of global warming in the coming decades as greenhouse gases in the atmosphere contribute to climate change.

Seeing fireflies... I once lived on the edge of a forest, in which there were HUNDREDS of fireflies in some summers! It was like stepping into a real fairytale to go for a walk there at night! ♥

from the Guardian

Hamburg's answer to climate change

Hamburg is planning a green network that will cover not just the outskirts of the city, but also the city centre.

Chasing Ice is the story of one man’s mission to change the tide of history by gathering undeniable evidence of climate change. Using time-lapse cameras, his videos compress years into seconds and capture ancient mountains of ice in motion as they disappear at a breathtaking rate.

from Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet

Global Climate Change: Climate Reel Grid

The Water Planet. . . very pretty pictures of ocean from satelitte view... .