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Give us a confident Tony Stark with a purpose -- and a wrecked, guilty Steve Rogers. Because they're at least equally wrong, but so far Tony is the only one who knows this and blames himself.

Steve: *rolls eyes* I was in the fucking army, Tony. Besides, by that logic, Clint lifted the hammer too. | Tony: How dare you squash my logic by implying that Clint is as awesome as me?

Tony with Steve's shield and Bucky's arm. I really, REALLY want to know what happened after Steve and Bucky left. When Tony realized that they were truly gone, was he relieved? Regretful? Did he cry? Was it from shame at his own actions, sorrow at the loss of a friend, or from the unfairness of the situation in general? How long did he stay there, alone, in the cold and snow? Did he miss Steve as soon as he was gone, or is his heart still broken enough that he does not want Steve back?

Don't be so self-righteous, Steve - when you're the guy who really killed the Avengers.

Steve is the dad. Tony is the mom. Peter is the son. Logan is the uncle.

Uh--also recall the whole part where Tony keeps trying so hard to keep his fears from happening he causes them. I'm sure he was while Cap walked away without his shield.

You are so much more than your father's son, so much more than the wars you've won.