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Mandala Designs, shortstackphotos: :) Rarely, if ever, do I...

DEJA de odiarte por lo que no eres y EMPIEZA a quererte por lo que eres

what other people think of you is none of your business

from Etsy

Zelda Fitzgerald quote print: "She quietly expected great things to happen to her"

"She quietly expected great things to happen to her, and no doubt that's one of the reasons why they did." - Zelda Fitzgerald / Image via

The woman who doesn’t need validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet. -Mohadesa Najumi

Every thought of love and light that we hold raises the energy vibration within us and on the planet. Thanks for sharing the love and light! ♥ Art by

Funny how you learn not to count on even your closest friends and family to say what you need advice wise. They can't always say the right words because as people they just don't always understand.