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The aim of human life is to know thyself. Think for yourself. Question authority. Think with your friends. Create, create new realities. Philosophy is a team sport. Philosophy is the ultimate, the ultimate aphrodisiac pleasure. Learning how to operate...

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I am one of seven billion people on one of eight planets in one of over one hundred billion galaxies in the universe. My only hope is to manage my actions and my reactions, because I will never be able to manage the actions of so many others.

Oh such wise words! Listen People!!!!! Pass it along to your kids!! Life is hard enough without sending them out there with a chip on both shoulders!!

There once was a moon, as beautiful as can be, only the stars could fathom, but the sun could not see. The sun so radiant, he burns so bright. The moon so luminous, but only showed her face during the night."... Click on the pic for the rest of the story.

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"Nature is not what you think." How many are really in tune with what nature speaks when they do not know what wild chickens eat? We can learn a lot from nature if we only stopped to think what atrocities are being done and ditched in the environment.

As far as I can remember I had taught myself to do trigonometric and calculus problems in grade! I was the worst in my math class but falling in love with the subject of mathematics paved me into being the most successful in mathematics.

Yes bu. Worry. Worry as much as you need to about the important things surrounding you right now. Do not worry about me. We'll have time for that later. Save your light. Save your strength for what's in front of you now. I'm here. ❤ Loving you.

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