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1.13 "Hearts and Minds" - Boone was totally tripping on wacky paste! In his extremely vivid hallucination, he found Shannon smashed and bloody - and dead - on the rocks by a stream, killed by the Monster. Did you notice, in the scene where Boone and Shannon were running for their lives, Smokey was heard STOMPING, and he had a Godzilla ROAR! I'm pretty sure this was the only time the Monster sounded like that. Courtesy of Boone's hallucination?

my favorite place in the world. give me a bunch of rocks, some trees, some shade and 0 people and a small body of water and I am good to go. forever.

Reminds me of summer days in Mineral, CA. We'd ride the rapids in the creek in our cutoffs and keds. Still got cuts.

Sunlight streams through a broken window in an old vaudeville theatre ~ Laurin Jeffrey, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

When your own body fails you, sometimes the only thing making you get back up is the knowledge that if you don't, someone else will die.

90377: “ Lower Upper Ashland by Mark Knoke ”