Fc Dallon weekes) Hello! I'm Dallon Weekes, the bassist of a band called Panic! At the disco. I'm the tallest and most fabulous member of the band. *i laugh* I'm 26 gay and single. Im very friendly so introduce!

I PINNED THIS A LONG TIME AGO AND DIDNT REALIZE THAT WAS TYLER WHAT// on second thought, it's not verified so.. Dang

Hahaha. Damn right. My playlist has everything from country to Drum & Bass, hard core rap and regae to Carly Rae Jepson. And yes, I know every word to every song, I love them all and I sing along to all of them.<<same타짜카지노라이브블랙잭슈퍼카지노타짜카지노이브블랙잭슈퍼카지노슈퍼카지노라이브블랙잭슈퍼카지노타짜카지노이브블랙잭슈퍼카지노슈퍼카지노라이브블랙잭슈퍼카지노타짜카지노이브블랙잭슈퍼카지노

*stressed out comes on* Dad: "i actually like this song, the way he says GOOD OL DAYSSS" Me: "Told you youd like them" Dad: "you know actually i like the water song, ya know?" (Talking about addict with a pen) "i guess they are pretty good"

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