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*Me sitting in a dead silent hall of 28 people taking an exam* Stomach: We'll now demonstrate a whale's call.

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Calling the cops

Sherlock. You don't have to watch Sherlock to laugh at the awesome dialogue. Kinda reminds me of Doctor Wh--oh wait, Steven Moffat is involved. The Dark Lord of British television :P

John: "Sherlock, what are you doing?" Sherlock: "Summoning Satan, John." John: "Why?" Sherlock: "IT'S AN EXPERIMENT!" <<< Where's the Supernatural gif?

I love it when Hook meets modern technology! (Also, Belle saying "They" reminds me that she's also pretty new at this modern world thing, too.)


Little fun fact for you.

Little fun fact for you. And now I'm trying to imagine up the craziest question I can think of so I can call and drive these kids crazy :-P

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So Yesterday Misha Collins Gave Out His Number On Twitter

So Yesterday Misha Collins Gave Out His Number On Twitter - these calls are too funny!!!

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40 Funny Mormon Memes

hells ya jenson ackles is one of gods greates creations he can never top that in a million years

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Best 33 Cute Crush Quotes

Or are you too busy dreaming of something I'm not? When will you realize that I'm physically here, that I ache to be with you but can't express it without feeling ashamed for asking so much of you.

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