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Always believe in yourself, trust that inner intuition, don't fight it, let you be guided by lif itself, don't be afraid.

15 Celebrity Breakup Quotes to Mend Your Shattered Heart

i need you, as much as you need me. i understand thou, emotional urge you to push people away but evryone had they own flaw aite? and now, your flaw become mine too. remember that i'll always on your side and never give up for everything you do.

That is what people say who cause the confusion.The laughter is theirs. I don't find betrayal and deceit the least bit funny. Life...happens for a reason. There is no good reason for people being selfish, greedy or cruel.dh

need to make a list of those thoughts,record all those books to read and start making a point of checkin in on friends and family---old and new!