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made in america: An Informal History of the English Language in the United States by Bill Bryson,

Prompt I did it. Looks like a mess. But I did it!!!

I press my hands against the glass. 'Please, please help me...' I whispered. He watched me for a moment before shaking his head 'No' at me. I sighed and looked down. All I did was steal a piece of candy from a god... Its not that big of a deal, is it? ~Gumi~

Kat: Really? Wait! It doesn't even look like me! Ryan: Yeah, it's prettier. So does she have a twin?

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Garden Doorway to the Other Side Reserved for Leah

beautiful secret door I know it's in stone, but it kind of looks like the little door!

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The Boy Whose Brain Could Unlock Autism – Matter

10 Inspiring Quotes That Will Make You Want To Travel The World (Part IV) - 99TravelTips99TravelTips

Texas City explosion - WTF fun facts


Glass balls.

[open rp. Be the boy] I drop one accidentaly that says, "Jason" I look at the glass as a he appears. I gasp as you apear. You looked confused. "Where am i!?" You say to me.

She knew what he had said years in advance. She knew. Look at that sadness in her eye. She practically rewrote time for him, but she wouldn't let him do it for her. All that compassion. She died so he could save himself. #doctorwho #riversong