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A black and white image of an old Black Willow standing alone in a blizzard

A black and white image of an old Black Willow standing alone in a blizzard Photo Canvas Print

The Celtic Tree Oracle by Liz and Colin Murray- willow.... willow and ash seem to be inconsistent in their placement as the 4th or 5th ogham, I've found each in the other's place

The Most Ancient and Magnificent Trees From Around the World

Amongst tombstones in a churchyard in Crowhurst, England, stands a medieval ancient yew, estimated to be over 1,500 years old.

Willow - Green Man Tree Oracle: New Moon magick, creativity, fertility, female rights of passage, inspiration, emotion, binding. Love, Love divination, protection, healing. Also known as the tree of immortality because of its ability to re-grow from a fallen branch in moist ground.

Willow Tree Wish Spell Stand under a Willow tree during the Full moon. State your wish and tie a knot in one of the long leaves. Look up to the moon and state: Under the Lady's moon, shining so bright. Willow tree, I ask thee on this night. In this Willow Tree, I leave my mark. Grant me love & happiness, and bring me no dark. By all the power of three times three, as I will it, so mote it be! XxEmberxX

Lévrier chien lune étoiles Whippet signé Art Print

Click here to download A Prickle of Porcupines by David Bygott: African porcupine family, Serengeti, Tanzania. Click here to download "Sheepish" by Karena Goldfinch, via Flickr Click here to download Click here to download

Pentacle and tree on a wooden plaque. "Thee I invoke by the moonlit sea by the standing stone and the twisted tree."

Greyhound Dog Moon Stars Whippet Signed Art Print

This is a signed 7x12 print from Kim Parkhurst. A gorgeous white Greyhound in a jeweled collar stands in the garden, under a willow tree, looking up at the moon and stars. This print is made with archival materials tested to last 200+ years under indoor lighting conditions. The print surface has a velvety matte finish which allows every detail to be clear & richly colored. It is signed by me, the original artist & will arrive with an acid-free backing.