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The Pon+ is made from quality stainless steel and can hold larger loads more comfortably than the original Pon. It also has a nifty pull tab so you can slide your work in for effortless display. In the end, the Pon+ is just a really simple product that d…

Adjustable Furniture: Clamped Table by Ryan Sorrell

a slice of my mind pie from the left side of the tin- instagram: Akintous By making our necessities, such as chairs, utensils, lights, doors and their handles, not only functional, sustainable, long...

Gallery of HUB 4.0 / Nika Vorotyntseva - 11

This is so clever, would want a desk like this! Gallery of HUB 4.0 / Nika Vorotyntseva - 11

Switch Easily From Work to Play with Light Object

Light Object is made of 1.5-mm folded steel and has sprayed-on duo tones in black, grey, and white

Varier Human Instruments Gravity Balans Chair