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School's Out….and In! Hundreds of Communities Across America to Celebrate National Summer Learning Day on July 14 — The Hispanic OutlooK-12 Magazine. jobs in k-12, k-12 magazine

The dark side of Pluto. NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft took this stunning image of Pluto only a few minutes after closest approach on July 14, 2015. The image was obtained at a high phase angle –that is, with the sun on the other side of Pluto, as viewed by New Horizons. Seen here, sunlight filters through and illuminates Pluto’s complex atmospheric haze layers.

Hubble Spots Cosmic Crime in Dwarf Galaxy Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA Thursday, July 14, 2016: This new image from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope shows an interesting dwarf galaxy known as LEDA 677373. A nearby giant spiral galaxy called Messier 83 is believed to be robbing gas from LEDA 677373 and preventing the birth of new stars.

The US space agency has released a series of sharp Pluto snapshots, billing them as the best close-ups of the dwarf planet we may see for decades. On July 14, NASA's New Horizons became the first spacecraft to pass by Pluto, offering scientists unprecedented insight. The latest pictures, made available Friday, are part of a sequence taken near New Horizons' closest approach to Pluto and show a mix of terrains that are cratered, mountainous and glacial in nature, NASA said in a statement.

A truck drove into a crowd at Bastille Day ceremonies late Thursday in Nice, France, killing dozens of people, Regional President Christian Estrosi tweeted.

Pluto's atmosphere in infrared | In this image, sunlight is coming from above and behind Pluto. The image was captured on July 14, 2015,

Beats of Cochlea is back for 2016! Musically talented people with hearing implants from around the world will compete in this annual international competition, held from 11 - 14 July in Poland. Congratulations to 7-year-old pianist Nikita Milutin from Russia and 19-year-old cello player Josephine Seifert from Germany! They're both MED-EL implant recipients who have been chosen from 150 applicants to perform at the gala concert on Jul 13. Stay tuned for the latest news and winners!

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