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“Ninety percent of most magic merely consists of knowing one extra fact.”

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((Open RP)) It is late at night. The time of night when your deepest secrets come out. I sit on my bed and tell my best friend my secret. "I was chosen at birth for a very special mission." I tell him. "Sure you were, Jess!" He says rolling his eyes. "No, really I was!" I say frusterated, showing him what I could do. I wasn't suposed to tell any one, let alone show them. But I couldn't keep it to myself anymore. There was one other person somewhere in the world who was like me. My mission…

Which Magic Spell Do You Need?

Those who do not believe in magic will never find it. This shows that magic is in your hands no matter what. (Galaxy in hands)

Feather Signs - Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy

Angel Feathers. What Is The Meaning of Finding Feathers?

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What Would You Be In A Fantasy World?

I KNOW that I would have been a fire bender or a water bender. I am full of opposites. If you think all fire benders are evil, you obviously didn't understand the point of Avatar the Last Airbender.

Healthy Herb. #tealover

Spicy fennel, orange & garlic marinated olives

Spicy fennel, orange & garlic marinated olives kinfolk infusions workshop TN pt 2 by Beth Kirby

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What Is Your Soul Magic Power?

12 Healing Crystals and Their Meanings   Uses | http://hellonatural.co/12-healing-crystals-and-their-meanings/:

12 Healing Crystals and Their Meanings + Uses