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Dark Side

And that, my friends, was Steve's dark side.<<As in, Bucky is Steve's dark side

And that was the moment I realized that Steve might kill Tony. and I got super scared

INFJ the dark side. Sad but sometimes true. I have definitely struggled with many of these at different times!

INFJ, The Rarest (And Honestly, the Fuckin’ Coolest) Type

Come to the Dark Side, we have Draco Malfoy - I'm coming, my love!

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[GIFSET] 5x16 Dark Side Of The Moon---cuz seriously is there a question he's going to come back

'Dark Side of the Moon' ≫ (this is one of my absolute favorite episodes! and I love this particular scene because Dean sounds like such a country-boy when he tells Walt, "I'm gonna be pissed.

[gifset] 1996 4th of July happy memories :)  5x16 Dark Side Of The Moon #SPN #Dean #Sam

[gifset] Dark Side Of The Moon. I really don't like this episode but this scene is the sweetest thing. :') One of Dean's very favorite memories was just Sam having fun and the way he gives his big brother a hug warms my heart.

"If Anakin Hadn't Gone to the Dark Side"  Second one's my favorite!

If Anakin Hadn't Gone to the Dark Side

"If Anakin Hadn't Gone to the Dark Side" I want to see this, or read this. Always wondered his life if he hadn't gone to the Dark Side

Carl Jung - yin/yang; light/dark...one can not exist with out the other - remember that when you seek enlightenment... the dark is JUST AS MUCH a part of you as the light (A.C. Feathermoon) | rePinned by CamerinRoss.com

How to Teach Drama

'How can I be substantial if I do not cast a shadow? I must have a dark side also If I am to be whole' ~ Carl Gustav Jung