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The former governor of Virginia, Robert McDonnell is facing sentencing for his part in accepting gifts, loans and other benefits from a businessman keen to promote his dietary supplement. #uspolitics #politics

Bob Graham was the 38th Governor of Florida from 1979 to 1987, and a United States Senator from that state from 1987 to 2005. To see a complete list of Florida Governors, go to

After years of agenda battles between the Republican-held House of Representatives and the Democrat administration, John Boehner and Barack Obama seem to have found common ground on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. #uspolitics

The U.S. Senate Democrat members have blocked the annual defense appropriations bill in order to make Republicans debate and vote on domestic programs spending. #uspolitics

Democrats and Republicans Are the Same, Huh?: Voting Rights Act Decision SLAPS That in the Face

Democrats built that. All that. AND often with out support from Republicans. #uspolitics

Good quote.. this President mightily disappointed his own Party to do right by America.. and got assassinated..sad #uspolitics

There are 7 things that will destroy us. Weath without work; pleasure without conscience; knowledge without character; religion without sacrifice; politics without principle; science without humanity; business without ethics. #uspolitics

Most movie stars and "celebrities" never even finished high school!....and people listen to them?!? #politics