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Hoodoo Recipe: Cascarilla Powder - The Hoodoo miracle dust of protection, cleansing and repellant of malevolent energies - Magical Recipes Online

The Ogham Trees : Apple -old name - Quert Blackthorn - old name - Straife Powers: harmony and balance in all things - protection ...

Instructions on how to make a salt jar for purification, protection, and blessing and to remove negativity, bad luck, and harm. Blessing and protection.

Magickal Uses: Just think of the power and fire of a dragon. The planet for Dragon's Blood is Mars. Dragon's Blood Oil adds strength and power to magick and spells, aids in protection, adds potency to mojo bags, candles, amulets. Anoint any magickal tool. Dragon's blood is also used in sealing a pact or a promise. It is a great sealer for planned transformation.

Traditional Witch Bottle for Protection & Curse-Breaking

A besom or broom can be used for different purposes. One of its apparent uses is that it can consecrate your magical space before casting a circle or doing magic. It will instantly remove…