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true. cishet men crying over anything vaguely feminist is my #1 favorite form of entertainment. they just can't handle not being represented in screen haha.

I swear when I saw Ashton's name was Holtzmann on the Girls Talk Boys vid I instantly knew they had made the right choice.

When does the video come out?!

Literally had one go on a three page tangent of "everything wrong with the movie that all guys have been saying but #feminism doesn't want to hear it" then immediately shut up when I asked him why 79% of the comments on the youtube commercial were "fuck this movie and its ugly bitches, one of you make me a sandwich." Uneducated pleb.

This was all that meant anything to me when I was a kid. And Egon was my hero and the coolest man in the world because he did all this and was the smartest one and wore glasses, like me. I'll always be a Ghostbuster.