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The Uncanny Avengers save Boston from destruction, but at what cost? The finale of the first arc has devastating consequences for one Avenger. • Rogue learns to love Deadpool through the joy of the “fastball special”! • Plus: The Torch issues an ultimatum about the membership status of one Avenger...

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Tales Of Asgard - soon after The Mighty Thor first appeared in Marvel Comics, the entire pantheon of Norse god mythology followed. Their stories were originally backup features in the Marvel comic series Journey Into Mystery. Three of those were gathered here for a special one-of-a-kind publication. Told from the Marvel universe perspective, featured were all-wise Odin and two other loyal & brave companions of Thor. Great fantasy tales! It's a shame they didn't consider doing further…

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ALPHA FLIGHT Vol1#97 THE FINAL OPTION Guardian Heather Hudson Vindicator James Hudson Sasquatch Walter Langkowski Puck Eugene Judd Michael Elizabeth Twoyoungmen Shaman Talisman Aurora Jean Marie Baubier Northstar Box Madison Jeffries Persuasion Kara Killgrave Laura Dean Goblyn Whitman Knapp Manikin Diamond Lil Witchfire Windshear Toronto Department H Toronto Canada AVENGERS She Hulk Hercules BlackWidow Captain America Quasar Sersi Vision Consortium Herald Nova Her J'RIDIA QWRLL MARVEL COMICS

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