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The Dimock Firewater Show Takes Center Stage There was a Dimock firewater show in court yesterday as a Cabot witness related how her husband would light a jug of water on fire – three decades ago.

Musician Marc Black has launched a self-centered musical plea to fellow fractivists to “Sing For The Silenced,” as if there were any such among them.

The Woodstock and Professor Marvel mentality on energy: "crawl in a hole somewhere."

What Else Is There to Argue About Natural Gas Development? With decreased emissions, abundant resources, and proof that fracking is safe, what else can be argued against natural gas development?

William Penn Foundation Flaunting IRS Rules? The William Penn Foundation, a mega-rich private family foundation funding much of fractivism seems to be flaunting IRS rules on tax-exemption.

Constitution Pipeline Cleared to Cut Trees! Great news! FERC has authorized the Constitution Pipeline to begin cutting trees, nicely slapping the State of New York with the back of its hand.

Cabot Oil & Gas invests in life-changing education for Northeast students:

#Fracking moratoriums are going dark in New York, expiring and being defeated in court:

Park Pork Ground Into Sausage by Landowner:

A #ShaleGas landowner's resolution for 2014: