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Magnifiques tons neutres et doux pour ces 2 colliers de la nouvelle collection qui sortira le 10 janvier Collier à pampille Antonia et Collier Ezra #Repost @refletscuivres

"Antonia" from the new MUSE bridal line by #BERTA. #Musebyberta <3

You can feel the spirit of the plains and those remarkable women who settled it in every perfect word that Willa Cather writes.

I recently drove through Cather land and saw the countryside that Willa wrote about so eloquently. So I had to reread the book. What lovely prose and tender feelings Cather captured.

Empress Maria Theresa of Austria (1717-1780; reigned 1740-1780) was one of Europe’s strongest rulers during the eighteenth century. Her daughter, Maria Antonia (Marie Antoinette), was one of sixteen children.

MUSE 2017 | Berta | Antonia

Antonia <3 from the new MUSE bridal line by #berta