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Woman with sun, moon and inner planets, Paulus Grillandus. Grilandas inventum libri VI. Florence, 1506-1507.

...but in the middle of all the chaos and mess are little bits and pieces of magic to be savored. Don't miss them.

Worship the KING! Pour your love and deep gratitude upon the feet of Christ Jesus.

Pleiadian Andromedan Arcturuan Sirian Ascended master Whole light being Fleet being Zetas Adam kadmon Council of nine Council of twelve Council of twenty-four Council of light Covenant of light Elohim Creator spiritus Shekinah When working with any of these higher intelligences , You asked for wisdom, Knowledge, Love,Light, Peace.

"Ruach HaKodesh" - Holy Spirit in Hebrew.

Inspirational Magnets from Shades of Color (Artist Cidne Wallace). Great African American Gifts - Black Art that celebrates Black Culture!

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Spiritus Gloeilicht

Spiritus Gloeilicht - Nederlandsche, by Jacques Zon

Blessed by the feeling of grace, this uplifting watercolor will bring tranquility to any room.  Perfect for your place of peace,  your sanctuary or your home, it also has the versatility of hanging as a landscape or portrait painting.