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05-1941 Description: A Dufaycolor colour transparency of the Old Bailey, London, damaged by German bombing, taken by an unknown photographer in 1941, during the second world war. On 10 May 1941, in one of the worst raids of the London Blitz, a number of prominent buildings were damaged, including Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, the British Museum and the Old Bailey.

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18 Photos Of London's Past, Blended With Its Present

Bomb damage at Bank Underground Station, 1941. | 18 Photos Of London's Past, Blended With Its Present

WWII. During the German occupation of The Netherlands people used a car without fuel because of shortages. In this picture a Ford V-8 is drawn by a horse. The spot that would usually holds the engine is now being used as the drivers' seat. Holland, The Hague, may 14th 1941

An American soldier standing at the altar of a bombed out Catholic church,WWII. Acerno, Italy - September 23, 1943

"A bit can be said for bibliophiles because not even the damage done by the Blitz could keep them out of the London Library."