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Top 49 Must read Happiness Quotes


Things Musicals Taught Me: When you're sixteen going on seventeen, that cute mail boy you're flirting with might turn out to be a Nazi sympathizer.

Actually, I was so focused on doing this, that totally forgot how to have an intelligent convo with you. damn it

Thats awesome. I know what IM doing next time it snows.

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Things that make me smile BIG (33 photos)

Eu odeio como está sempre certo E odeio quando você mente Eu odeio quando me faz rir muito e mais quando me faz chorar Eu odeio quando não está por perto, e o fato de não me ligar Mas eu odeio principalmente, não conseguir te odiar. Nem um pouco, nem mesmo por um segundo, nem mesmo só por te odiar" ... 10 things I hate about you ♥

Be the type of gentleman that holds the door open for your girl

It does Baby!! Those eyes of incredible!! They do stop my heart & melt it at the same time!! Thank u for a wonderful weekend!!!!! It makes me want to be with YOU that much more!! I Love YOU Baby! YOU have captured my heart! Sweet Dreams my Baby!! I'll hold U so very, very tight!!!!:-*:-*:-* I MISS YOU!!!***

When he says it he convinces me that I am even though a moment before I felt that I'm not.